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We have been working on " Botswana Project " for 15 months. After a very fast start, several contacts with various authorities of the country and initiatives taken by mutual agreement, we are stuck for a question, apparently formal , but for us essential for proceeding with any kind of activity: the formal invitation to start our operativity in the country. This is our current goal.The invitation would allow us to stimulate a serious fundraising campaign, never really started and to proceed, in Botswana, both looking for a plot of land suitable to our initiative, and undertaking an extensive tour of the villages wishful to participate in the project.Basically, the current political situation due to the elections to be held in October, has, de facto, blocked any new iniziativeWe are furiously trying , on different fronts, but the outcomes frankly are depressing.Because of this stoppage, even the writing of our textbook and of our workbook, both of them requested by Bota, under the supervision of the developer assigned to us, is temporarily suspended.We will inform you of any future development.We will not surrender, but the demoralization, we cannot deny it, keeps growing