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The graduation ceremony

It was really exciting  to see the entire village of Molosi attending the ceremony, the highest provincial authority, Mr. Brainly Malambo, presiding over it, wearing a T-shirt with the logo of our Association, our three teachers, wearing similar T-shirts, receiving the Certificate of Accreditation from the Ministry of Education, and the nine teachers we trained for this first course, all wearing their own uniforms with the colours and logo of our NGO, receiving their own diplomas and the first aid manual we published. The whole event was filmed  by state TV and Zambia's most-watched private TV station, Diamond TV.
And, after a lunch for all the authorities present, Mr Malambo wanted us all to visit our schools in Kaulembe.
A truly important acknowledgement, which goes beyond what we could have imagined.
The emotions were indeed many, but two thoughts were created by this splendid ceremony:
1) we managed to achieve something really great and useful, for these children and for these people, something that seemed impossible and yet, thanks to the indispensable support of all of you, we did it
2) It would be unforgivable not to continue training teachers every year and building kindergartens in an area as completely devoid of services as this one.
And these considerations motivate us to seek more and more supporters and funds to be able to go on.