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Our first book

In the image  below you can see the cover and the last page of our first book, which we have published, in print and available for purchase on Amazon.com; .it ; .de ; .es; .fr; and others, at a cost of €8.00 or $8.00.
It is a short manual on First Aid, in English, a necessary tool for anyone facing an emergency, such as any  trauma, an airway obstruction, cuts or wounds, burns, insect bites, haemorrhages and even cardiac arrest. Everything,  in places and moments, when one is completely alone without the help of a doctor or a nearby hospital. No experienced people to help.
We have designed it for our volunteer teachers, to whom we will donate it with the certificate of participation in our training course, next month, at the graduation ceremony, so that it can be of support to them when, back in their home village to take care of the resident children, they might face these problems.
But why did we decide to publish it and make it accessible to everyone and everywhere, given the global reach of Amazon?
Certainly not out of a desire for visibility, as we are an association that prioritises operability, not appearances; even less for economic reasons, as we will earn little more than €1.00 per copy from any sales.
We did it out of a spirit of service.
Because we think that in many places around  the world, far from the services offered by the big cities, there are people who, like our volunteer teachers, can be faced with difficult situations, even serious health risks.
This applies to those who live in villages without any medical assistance, to park rangers, to guides on trips to uninhabited locations, to micro-communities living in deserts or among the ice, to people living on small islands without airports with a mail boat arriving once a month, and many others.
We felt that this work of ours could also be useful to them.