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Best wishes for a prosperous 2017 to all our supporters.

We close another year, started with high hopes and great projects, without having any materialized. And certainly not for lack of effort of our members .....

It seems that governments and authorities, are not interested in allowing the realization of projects proposed by small organizations, favoring instead, even with a limited attention, only large institutions. But these entities are those that spend more than 50% of donations for their own maintenance, to pay staff, offices, travels, conferences and advertising. All with money collected for solidarity.

We certainly are at a major crossroads in our social life, considering the changed condition of international security, in addition to the economic crisis, making it difficult for independents like us, raise funds and find volunteers.

We think that next year we will have to assess, in the absence of realization of any  international project, whether to dissolve us in a larger organization, or to point to a different project on our country.

Surely  we will inform you promptly of any our initiative. Stay tuned