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Surprise: Kindergarten defeats Oxford!

So we read in the newspaper “Corriere della Sera” today, February 27, 2016, in an article on pag. 25. Yes, because scientific studies have shown that those who have attended the kindergarten, at eleven years old are better than their peers in math and English and have a classroom behavior more controlled and sociable ... ..
Not only: in their lifetime, these children earn money up to 4.3% more.
And this is not an Italian event, but internationally one. Prof. Kathy Sylva, Oxford, presented her research at the Bicocca University of Milan , which upholds that a good education in the so-called pre-school, causes remarkable progress for the  English kids. The professor is one of dozens of experts called to investigate, during a three-day International conference in Milan, about the 0-6: the crucial period from birth to primary school
The education of the early years, gives the best chances for the whole life - explains Sylva - This is especially true for poor children or immigrants"
From the Nobel for economics James Heckman, up to the latest research of Tfiey (Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years) the conclusions are always the same: in particular disadvantaged social groups, the frequency of "decent schools "leads to greater social inclusion and better success in their studies.
CONCLUSION. Perhaps our goal of creating a school to train teachers for the early childhood school, in countries without such a course of study, so that they can set up kindergartens in remote and disadvantaged villages, is not only an inspired idea, but a significant contribution to the improvement of an entire generation. Or, better, of more generations to come. It would be great if these convincements were also shared by Governments and Ministries of the states that we are contacting ... ..