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Botswana Project is definitely cancelled


This announcement is done with huge regret, considering how hardly, several people has been working for about three years; but the Association has decided to close down the Botswana Project.
It has been a very painful decision,  but the lack of precise answers and real interest from local authorities, which has never changed their support, from purely formal, to effectively concrete, forced us to take this decision, at this point needful.
Why did it happen? Frankly, it's really difficult to explain ... ..
The project was substantially at zero cost to Botswana, realizing a new course of studies in the country, solving, at least partially, a social problem, creating employment, approaching the remote villages to the capital, realizing non-existent services, helping women and introducing children to education.
So why?
It was not  for corruption: none of the officers we met, ever asked us, explicitly or implicitly, money or other benefits.
It was not for lack of abilities: none of the officers we met, ever expressed doubts about our competency.
It was not for solvency: none required us any document certifying our economic status.
So again, why?
We had always thought that having a good project, useful and sustainable, provided by disinterested people, had to be, for each citizen of the host country, worthy of attention and active cooperation, aimed at achieving it.
We firmly thought,  that the enthusiasm of the Botswana officers, who had the opportunity to provide, free of charge, a service so useful to their country, had to be at least equal to our own.
We considered essential the collective interest.
Unfortunately this is not the case .... Each official, before that a citizen, is a worker. Who gives top priority to the preservation of his job. Assuming that, who does nothing, ever is wrong! So, be active supporter for a totally new project, has probably been seen as a danger , a risk. If the project failed (for any reason) then the officer  who had supported it, could have problems. So that, it was better to wait for somebody else supported it or undertook concrete initiatives. Jumping on winning bandwagon could be easier later ....
That’s why, the project has never been able to take off.
The evidence that this can be the right interpretation? The sole man, who really worked hard, between all the public officers we met, the former Vice-President of the Republic HE Mr. Kedikilwe, was a member of the government ....retired !! So that, he could not risk anything .... Amazing, isn’t it?
Basically three years are a suitable period to make a final balance:
two journeys to Brussels, two times to Botswana, several working days for two architects, weeks of work for a pedagogist, a lot of meetings to give informations about the country (where is Botswana? The first question…) to raise funds, the involvement of institutional investors (which later left us for lack of results), the support of the University of Bergamo to realize a Manual "tailor made" to the country (as explicitly requested) ... and much more.
What all this huge work has produced? Lots of smiles and handshakes, formal meetings with offers never materialized, two official invitations to start our activity in the country, remained mere declaration of intent and, finally, a lack of response to the explicit request of concrete initiatives.
Frankly, and we say this with conscious bitterness, there is no logical reason to continue.
So the Botswana Project is finally cancelled
We are at the end , and so it's time of thanks for those who believed in us and supported us:
• our members, who dedicated time and energy to the project
• our donors, who gave us confidence and credibility
• the Italian Consul in Botswana, ing. Guido Giachetti, who gave us logistical support and valuable information
• S.E. Mr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe, former Vice President of Botswana, the sole member of the government who really tried to help us  on realizing our project in Botswana
• the University of Bergamo, through all the people who, in various ways, cooperated with us
And finally, a special thanks to prof. Giuseppe Bertagna, Director of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Bergamo, who from beginning believed in us, recognized the validity of the project and gave us the gift of his valuable cooperation and, above all, his friendship.
I would like to close with the bitter words from himself murmured, at our last farewell, when we notified him of our decision to close the project: " how much difficult has become this world…. you cannot even do good anymore, not even disinterested ... "
But, to all of you who read us, I can say that experience gained in these three years will not be wasted and soon, as the Phoenix, we’ll rise again with a new project in another country!
See you soon.

P.S: Those interested in reading the last letters exchanged with Botswana, can do just clicking here:
To our last email , sent to ALL those mentioned in the email received on 26th of August and precisely:
  • Mr. Khoza Ramahobo – author of the email on behalf of the Permanet Secretary.
  • Mr. Richard Matlhare – Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Education
  • Mr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe – former Vice President of the Repubblic of Botswana
  • Mr. Ndondo Koolese – unknown
  • Mr./ Ms. Rapelang Bogatsu – unknown
  • Ms. Tiny Ntshinogang – principal education officer Pre-School – Ministry of Education
None of them has ever responded…..
P.S: Those interested in reading the last letters exchanged with Botswana, can do just clicking here: