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Works resumed, let's go on .....

The impact of Covid 19 on the whole African continent was, fortunately, much less disruptive than in Europe and the Americas. In Zambia the number of infected, at least theofficial ones, remains low, 772 to date, as well as the deceased, 7.
We were therefore ableto resume works fairly quickly, in compliance with government regulations.
Currently, ashe points out to us, accompanied by photographic documentation that we show you, ourMr. Enrico Carretta, we have almost finished the walls of the foundations for the primaryschool and laid the foundations of the kindergarten.
Once these are completed, theperimeter walls for the two schools will be built. The needed materials have already arrivedto Kaulembe. As soon as the structures are completed, we will provide you withphotographic documentation.
Finally, an important note: due to the Covid infection, we had to stop all our projects we had planned for the fundraising: meetings, flea markets, exibitions, culinary events, and soon. Asking for financial support to those who already experience significant difficulties, sounds to us ethically incorrect. And we don't want to do it.
Just allow us to remind you, if you want, to think of us in the assignment of the 5 x thousand at the time of the tax return, maybe by extending the information about our
initiative to your friends.