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We get a new project

We spent more time than expected, but finally we found a serious and concrete project to realize, by investing our energies in it.

Our goal was and remains, being able to improve the life conditions of those who, due to lack of resources, cannot personally provide forthemselves, in those communities, far from the capitals, little supported by thegovernments, where suffering for the lack of structures hits, as always, the weakestsubjects: women and children.
Thanks to the commitment of our members by researching opportunities and to the meeting with two guys, particularly active in the cooperation, the real one, which gives without asking anything in return and aims to achieve concrete realization of projects in a directly, shortly and documented. These two Italian guys, one of whom has been living in Zambia for several years, have allowed us to get in touch with simple and targeted projects, whose achievement can be completed in a short time, usually in a single year.
And everything will be done with the support, obviously not economic, of the government and the local communities, to which the work will then be donated, thanks to the contribution of all of you.
For the moment we tell you that the country where we will operate will be Zambia.
Within a few weeks we will specify the type of intervention, the costs and the time required for completion.
We are really happy to finally become active!