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2019, a new dawn for our projects

Our wishes for a Prosperous 2017 finished by saying: " .. We think that next year we will have to access, in the absence of realization of any international project, whether to dissolve us in a larger organization, or to point to a different project on our country... "

All these months have been passing by trying to find a new path where addressing the activity of our Association, because in most of our members the wish to realize our own project was predominant compared to the hypothesis of dissolving, merging into another bigger organization. Although the discouragement had hit several members andsupporters
Now this long path is finishing, in a positive manner. We cannot communicate anything yet,but we hope to be able to reveal it soon, because 2019 is really a new dawn for ourprojects.
Our best wishes for a Prosperous 2019
December 31, 2018